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My name is Lo’Reece,

I am the Founding Owner of BeyondBodie.com, I'm also a stay-at-home mother of two amazing boys, a wife to a courageous first responder, and an entrepreneur.

In my spare time I love working out at the gym, listening to worship music, reading motivational and inspirational books that help to strengthen my mindset. I love being outdoors in nature, livestreaming for my local church, and spending time with those that I hold dear to my heart.

My vision was never to be a business owner; I'm just a mother who decided to make her own skincare products for her boys; because they both suffer from dry, itchy, sensitive skin, (eczema). I wanted to see how their skin would react to my creations, and once I saw that their skin didn’t have any allergic reactions, but actually responded very well, I decided to launch “Beyond Bodie" Sensitive Skincare and Aromatherapy, a more natural approach to skin hydration. 

So, that's it, that's how we got here!

Creating natural products that you'll feel comfortable and confident using, all while keeping those with sensitive skin in mind!