My name is Lo’Reece,

I am the Founding Owner of BeyondBodie.com, I'm also a stay at home mom of two amazing boys, a wife to a courageous first responder, and an entrepreneur.

In my spare time I love jogging, listening to worship music, reading motivational and inspirational books that help me strengthen my mindset. I love traveling,  helping my church, and spending time with family and friends .

At first, I decided to make my own skincare products for my boys; because they both suffer from dry, sensitive skin; eczema, and I wanted to see how their skin would react. Once I saw that their skin didn’t have any allergic reactions, but actually responded very well to my creations, I decided to launch “Beyond Bodie Skincare and Aromatherapy”, a more natural approach to skin hydration. 

Now we are here; and it's time to create something that will work for every skin type! Products that people will feel confident using.