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Tired of searching for a natural deodorant that actually works? Look no farther, Beyond Bodie has formulated an all-natural deodorant that won't leave you musty!

Don't believe us? Add a sample sized deodorant stick to your cart for FREE, just pay shipping cost. Our sample deodorants will come in "Unscented" this way you will be able to tell if it is actually working or not; we don't want any fragrance masking the effectiveness of the product. 

-Comes in 4.2oz stick and 1.75oz

-Handcrafted in small batches.

Ingredients: Coconut Oil, Beeswax, Baking Soda, Scents vary.

Not for human consumption for external use ONLY 

🖤 Unscented
🖤 Lemon Grass
🖤 Lavender 
🖤 Remix- Vanilla, Lavender 
🖤 Renewed Freshness- Lemon, Rosemary
🖤 Mintnight- Activated Charcoal, Peppermint 

Customer Reviews

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Marie Mercedes De Vaney
You’ve done it again!

I’m absolutely loving the lemongrass scent, it’s long lasting and I use to use secret stress response, BB knocks the Secret Stress outta the water!!! This is the second deodorant I’ve tried from BB and I’m impressed all over again. I can’t wait for the day it’s available nationwide and on every store shelf.

Marie Mercedes De Vaney
Take my money

I’ve been using store bought deodorant since I was in Junior high, usually after a long day it quits in me, and I get the smelly pits. And then when I shower it is so difficult to scrub it off. It leaves an awful residue. (I thought this was normal) it’s not normal. Once I started using yours it’s a night and day difference! It moisturizes my underarms, they are softer now and I have zero residue. This a game changer and I’ll never go back lol washing my underarms is a “smooth” process now.
When my daughter starts using deodorant (she is 7) she will be using Beyond Bodie.
Thank you for sending my the samples I’m hooked. :)

Mary Corrao

With the weather and increased working out, I realized I didn’t smell pretty any more. I found these products and tried a sample of the deodorant.

WOW WOW WOW!!! I used it thru 2 days of workouts and never broke a smell!! I ended up buying the lemon scented one and it’s so fresh!!

I now smell pretty and not worrying about offending my husband or my dog!! Who knew we could sweat such smelly odors! LOL

Janice M
Great scent

I was impressed with the unscented sample deodorant I tried, so I ordered one. The lemongrass scent is fresh and light. Love it!