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Each Bubble Scoop is approximately 4 ounces in weight, and are individually wrapped in biodegradable shrink wrap film.

One scoop is usually enough for 2-4 baths. The scoops can be cut or broken into pieces to customize the amount you use in each bath.

Each scoop gives you soft, fluffy bubbles, and disburses oils into your bath water, which soaks into your skin, giving moisture and nourishment that your body needs. 

How to use Bubble Scoops:
Hold and massage the bubble scoop underneath warm running bath water. Agitate the water for extra bubbles. 

*Our Bubble Scoops do not come with scripture due to the shape and packaging.

**Not for human consumption for external use ONLY

***Please note: These are bubbles!!! NOT bath bombs!!! They are not meant to float or fizz. 

(Use caution when using your bubble scoops, as oils from them can cause surfaces to become slippery.)

Ingredients: Baking Soda, SLSA, Cream of Tartar, Cornstarch, Glycerin, Olive Oil

🖤 Green Tea- Lemon Grass, and real Green Tea leaves
🖤 Lavender Chamomile- Lavender, and real Chamomile Tea leaves
🖤 Renewed Freshness- Lemon, and Rosemary
🖤 Oatmeal Remix- Honey, Vanilla, Oats, Lavender
🖤 Mintnight- Activated Charcoal, Peppermint
🖤 Rosemance- Rose, Lemon (ONLY available February)
🖤 Sweet Perfection- Jasmine, Jelly Bean (ONLY available February)

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Absolutely extravagant

I’d first like to start with the amazing customer service that this company provides. I indulged in purchasing almost one of everything. Let me say it was worth every penny and more. These products are friendly to people with sensitive skin. I am one of them and I find it very hard to purchase products that won’t leave swelling or break me out after usage. The body scrub leaves your body feeling extremely soft and moisturize. The bars of soap are scented lightly and leave no residue on your skin after usage. I absolutely love the sense that you can choose from and they’re not overwhelming. Thank you so much for making an amazing product I will definitely be purchasing more soon.