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Most of our Bodie Scrubs contain coarse sea salt; and is best used on your hands, feet, & body ONLY (Not recommended for your face)! We use coarse sea salt because it aids the sugar in the scrubbing process, to exfoliate the dead skin cells. Another benefit to adding salt, is that it helps to pull toxins away from the body, and ease in anti-inflammation.

**NEW** Sugar Scrub (No sea salt added), for Face and Body!

Be sure to read the front of the product label to ensure that you are getting the one you want (Coarse Sea Salt or Sugar).

For use as an exfoliating hand scrub: Start with wet or damp hands, use provided scoop, dump desired amount into your hands, rub in and around your hands and fingers. Rinse in warm water and pat dry with a soft dry cloth.

For use as a Bodie scrub: Sit or stand in tub and rub scrub onto your entire body (except your face, unless using the Sugar Scrub), or specific areas of your body. Rinse or shower as normal. 

16oz jar 

Can be used 2-3 times a week.

Not for human consumption for external use ONLY

(Our scrubs are all natural, and contain no preservatives; so, PLEASE DO NOT leave them in the shower. Moisture from the water will cause hardening. Also, use caution when using your scrub in the shower or tub, as oils can cause surfaces to become slippery.)

Ingredients: Sugar, Course Sea Salt, Olive Oil, Coconut Oil. Scents, Color, and Garnishments vary.

🖤 Green Tea Coarse Sea Salt Scrub- Lemon Grass, real Green Tea leaves
🖤 Lavender Chamomile Coarse Sea Salt Scrub- Lavender, real Chamomile Tea leaves
🖤 Renewed Freshness Coarse Sea Salt Scrub- Lemon, Rosemary
🖤 Oatmeal Remix Face and Bodie Sugar Scrub- Honey, Vanilla, Oats, Lavender 
🖤 Mintnight Face and Bodie Sugar Scrub- Activated Charcoal, Peppermint 

Customer Reviews

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Awesome product!

I bought this at our local craft fair on Saturday and used and couldn’t wait to use it. It’s fantastic! A lot of these scrubs are super oily, making it necessary to wash them off after use- not so with this scrub. It’s moisturizing without heavy oils, and the scent is fantastic. Also, a little goes a long way, which is super. I highly recommend this. Now I’m sorry I didn’t get the lotion, too!!

Carol Holmes
Lavender chamomile

I bought the body scrub and lotion. I absolutely recommend these products. My skin felt so soft and clean. The scent is amazing. Reasonably priced.
The packaging is also very well put together and the customer service is excellent.

Pamela Vinson
Body Scrub

This is my second purchase of the Lavender Chamomile Sea Salt Scrub. I absolutely love it! After using it my skin is nice and soft and feels very moisturized. Thanks for the personalized note and gift Lo'Reece!

Skin so soft!

I love the smell, and the way my skin felt so soft, and moisturized immediately after using their product!

Bryce (Finidi Apparel)
Great product!

I never used a body scrub before but after using a BeyondBodie body scrub I am hooked! Not only was I smelling amazing but my skin was silky smooth! Highly recommended to anyone that wants to feel & smell great.